Moxibustion goes way back with Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. It is a special type of therapy that involves heating up a dried plant, known as “Moxa” and use the heat to stimulate specific points underneath the skin.

The concept of Qi or Chi is the base of all Chinese therapies. Qi is believed to be the matter that created our atmosphere and is the source of all our energy. The goal of acupuncture is to move the Chi inside of us to heal our body and soul.

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The Process

Traditional Moxibustion is performed in multiple styles. Specifically, the Direct  and the Indirect Moxibustion methods. Both of these methods are great. Our expert Shadi Arbabian will decide which one is suitable for you.

In the direct Moxibustion method, a small amount of Mugwort (a Chinese herb) is placed over the acupuncture point. It looks a lot like a cigar that is ready to be lit. The mugwort is burnt in a specific way to create a second-degree burn on your skin.

In the US, indirect Moxibustion is more popular because it doesn’t involve burning your skin. The Mugwort is held at a distance from your skin to penetrate the heat in your acupuncture point. You will feel a sudden rush of warmth radiating outwards from the acupuncture point meaning the Chi has been freed.

Moxibustion works great if you suffer from pain due to an injury or Arthritis, digestive problems. Moxibustion even heals cold and flu strains from your body and can heal late pregnancy issues. So, come to Heavenlywell Integrative Medicine for the best Moxibustion in Maryland.

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