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Facial Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture

Suffering from acne or other facial issues? Thinking about getting Botox therapy? There might be an easier and more natural solution to your problem. The answer to your question is Facial Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese remedy to a healthy and pain-free life. The process involves stimulating specific points on your skin to move the Chi, the source of all life forces. Facial acupuncture is a form of acupuncture that can bring your lost beauty back.

Facial acupuncture is best performed at the end of a full body acupuncture session. If you decide to opt for just the facial acupuncture, it can cause energy congestion on your face. Accompanied by full body acupuncture, you will feel a balanced flow of Chi throughout your body.

Facial acupuncture procedure starts with the specialist inserting up to 70 needles on your face. These wounds are created keeping the pain threshold in mind. As soon as the needles are in, your body starts repairing the wounds. The needles are left for 20-25 minutes to unlock the full potential of your inner Chi.

The natural repairing properties of your body are the key to a healthy skin tone. You will feel rejuvenated. Your body will send more blood with oxygen and nutrients to heal the wounds faster. The ultimate result will be a brighter, healthier and even skin tone.

If you are looking for the best alternative to Botox in Maryland, visit Heavenlywell Integrative Medicine in Rockville, MD. We provide an expert solution with our years of practice with acupuncture and other Chinese remedies. Come to us for the best Acupuncture experience in Maryland.

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